The Off Chance

The Off Chance is Kellici and Differ’s return to the endless possibilities of music. The duo’s path crossed at a show, where they each played with their own band. Within weeks, Differ was asked to join Kellici’s band. The project taught them how music is divided into formulas and bottom lines. Upon the band’s breakup, Kellici and Differ found themselves at the intersection of their dreams and their realities. Both quit writing music to pursue other interests. While teaching private guitar lessons, it would be the curiosity of a student to push Kellici to contact Differ. The collaboration was fruitful from the very first meeting.

With a reinvigorated passion for music and a mature approach to songwriting, the duo began writing for their first album titled Change. Change is a motivating, honest representation of what is unmistakably The Off Chance. Differ’s heartfelt lyrical prowess is punctuated by Kellici’s inspired guitar work, fusing energetic rock, soulful pop, funky grooves and uplifting choruses. Their unique brand of pop rock has proven to engage the musical tastes of all ages and backgrounds.

Through their life and musical experiences, they have learned that in success, there are no slight possibilities. Make your own luck. Be your own Off Chance.